Comprehensive Safety Audit

iFluids Engineering can carry out a comprehensive safety audit for any major industry covering the following broad & detailed topics as below,

Safety Management System

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Safety Organization
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation
  • Occupational Health Monitoring
  • Statutory Compliance System
  • Safety Manual
  • Employee Safety Training
  • Medical and first aid facilities available
  • Safety Communication & Motivation
  • New equipment review/inspection.
  • Risk assessment including Hazard identification
  • Management of Change
  • HSE critical devices
  • Health & Safety improvement plans/targets
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the plant and its adequacy
  • Contractor Safety Systems and training
  • Review of  periodic medical examination for persons working in critical areas

Safety in Operations & Maintenance

  • Sample review of existing operating procedures vis-à-vis standard operating procedures prescribed by the process supplier for safe operation of equipment, Machinery and plants
  • Review of Maintenance & Inspection practices followed for Critical equipment’s, including NDT process review and condition monitoring
  • Review of Safety Interlocks for operation and maintenance.
  • Review of movements of vehicles inside the factory keeping in view road safety vis-à-vis plant safety.
  • Sample review of system for periodic checking of safety valves, Hydrostatic Testing of pressure vessels, lifting tools & tackles, cranes and other provision
  • /obligations covered under statutory regulations including maintenance of records.
  • Work Permit System
  • Work injury prevention – Manual & Mechanical Material Handling / Guarding, etc.
  • Housekeeping
  • Ventilation, illumination and noise
  • Safety in Storage areas

Electrical Installations

  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to Indian Electricity rules 1956 & CEA regulations 2010.
  • Identification of electrical hazards (shock, fire, overloading)
  • Visual inspection of electrical substation, power distribution system, transformers, D.G set & Motor control center
  • Adequacy of electrical control systems and its physical components.
  • Review of protection devices / system of the electrical installation.(relay settings of breakers, main incomer electrical circuitries at DB level, ELCBs, Relays provided for DG and other electrical installations)
  • Visual inspection of communication shafts, cable trays, cable layout and its status
  • Review of Hazardous Area Classification on a sample basis
  • Review of plant earthing system (installation and maintenance aspects) as per IS 3043
  • Review of earthing and bonding practices; Static electricity
  • Review of electrical maintenance systems and practices; LOTO
  • Review of Lightning protection system
  • Identification of Hazards in Battery and UPS installations

Fire Prevention & Protection

  • Identification of fire hazards
  • Review of fire prevention practices
  • Review of Fire Protection system – Active & Passive Systems
  • Adequacy of fire protection system – Design and Performance Review against Standards

Hazardous Materials / Chemicals

  • Study of loading, unloading and handling operations of hazardous materials and chemicals in the plant, including storage and processing areas.
  • Review of safety features

Emergency Management

  • Review of emergency management plan
  • Effectiveness of existing infrastructure to handle emergencies
  • Mock drills
  • Mutual Aid

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