Human Resources Management

This highly practical, 3day is designed to introduce the learning and development role, focusing on the skills and knowledge needed to design and deliver short interactive learning and development sessions. The emphasis is on the development of practical skills of learning design and practical face to face delivery to small groups.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, candidates would be able to

  • Write objectives for learning sessions
  • Draw on learning theory when designing a training session
  • Prepare and deliver a short training session
  • Use a range of materials to support the learning process
  • Give constructive feedback based on your own observations
  • Describe the scope of e-learning possibilities
  • Make reasoned decisions on when to use e-learning
  • List the alternative ways in which e-learning can be resourced and managed

Course Outline

  • Introduction to training and learning
  • Learning styles
  • Objectives and outcomes.
  • Instructional methodology
  • Systematic approach to training delivery
  • Delivery of individual practical sessions
  • Introduction to managing discussions

Target Audience:
L&D Professionals , Human Resource Professionals , Recent graduates from HR

Standard course: 3 days

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This programme aims to impart an individual with a view to preparing him/her for his/her role as a trainer. The course is designed to develop his/her capabilities and capacities of imparting training to others as a skilled professional.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the program, the participants will be to:

  • Understand theoreticalperspectives ofeffectivetraining
  • Designand Develop aneffectivetrainingcourse thatreflectsthecompany’s objectives
  • ApplyLearnerCentredTrainingSkills tothe training Sessions
  • List Ways ofHandlinglearners different‘behavioural‘patterns
  • Practice TrainingDeliveryand measurelearninginterventioneffectiveness
  • DevelopEffective VisualAids
  • Write Your OwnIndividualDevelopment Plan
  • Describecharacteristics ofan adultlearnerand barrierstoAdultLearning
  • Identifyways tomanage the adultlearningenvironment
  • Discuss the differencebetweenexpertperformance and coaching
  • Use questioning,answering,and listening techniques tofacilitate trainingand increase class participation
  • Identifyways toresolvechallengingclassroomsituations

Course Outline

  • Establish Start points
  • Planning a training module
  • Deliver a training module
  • Learn Effective Training Techniques
  • Techniques for Developing Trainer Confidence
  • General Presentation & Feedback Techniques
  • Applying Learner Centered Techniques to Organization Wide Training
  • Developing a Structure to Your Training
  • Using Flip Charts and Visual Aids to Support Learning
  • Applying Questioning Techniques to Measure Trainee’s learning
  • Group and Individual Feedback Sessions – Areas for Improvement

Target audience:
L&D Professionals , Human Resource Professionals , Recent graduates from HR

Standard: 2 days

This programme is exclusively for fresh graduates who are new to the corporate world. Our training sessions would combine all the aspects of management skills required to meet the demands of the corporate. Candidates would be trained right from Email etiquette to leadership skills which would provide holistic view about the corporate scenario.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, candidates would be able to

  • Understand the job needs
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards workmates and work environment
  • View career future from a beginner’s perspective
  • Be able to manage work and time stresses
  • Accept and master the challenges in work environment
  • Maintain a constant intrinsic motivation to participate in improvement of the business
  • Be aware of the importance to work on one’s own personal development in terms of career path
  • Be able to plan and set future foals and align them with the company goals
  • Have strong interest to prove one’s competence in work handling requirement
  • Be aware of necessary communication skills and be able to communicate positively
  • Improve decision making skills
  • Use creative thinking techniques for problem solving
  • Understand work ethics and job count abilities

Course Outline

  • Create a team who can deliver the course and facilitate the learning in multiple classrooms
  • Establish constructive responses to conflict by understanding self and others
  • Train the candidates to manage own leadership style
  • Train how to set goals and plan effectively and efficiently
  • Train how to establish and maintain time management techniques
  • Develop productive communication techniques
  • Develop improvement plans to accomplish work and improve performance
  • Train how to build a high performance team
  • Raise the awareness towards the need to accept change
  • Provide course notes and training materials for the trainees
  • Help the candidates to enhance their professional attitude

Target audience:
Fresh graduates , Trainees

Standard : 2 weeks

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