Fundamentals of Metallurgy

This course is designed to develop and improve the technical competency of the participants post which they would be able to appreciate and understand various metallurgy principles

Learning outcomes
After successful completion of the training, candidates would be able to

  • Know the fundamental science and engineering principles relevant to materials.
  • Understand the relationship between nano/microstructure, characterization, properties and processing and design of materials.
  • Describe heat treatment of steels and nonferrous alloys
  • Recognize potential failure modes in metal products

Course Outline

  • How steels are made
  • Crystalline structure
  • Equilibrium diagrams
  • Structure
  • Heat treatment
  • Macro graphic structure
  • Mechanical properties
  • Study of iron-carbon alloys
  • Study of high alloyed “stainless” steels
  • Non-ferrous alloys

Target Audience:
Engineers , Laboratory Technicians

Standard course: 2 day

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