Process Studies

iFluids provides a variety of specialized services in the field of engineering to meet customer’s demands and satisfaction. Some of our key specialized services are the dynamic modeling, CFD, flow assurance, etc.

  • Dynamic Simulation
    iFluids performs transient studies to analyze and rectify the root cause of product specification deviation and equipment malfunctioning. The primary objective of dynamic simulation is to make the model as realistic as possible especially in terms of control system. The model is then used to test the system under various process conditions. Based on these tests potential problems with the design are identified and modifications that can improve operability are suggested.Even a small improvement in the inherent design will save millions of dollars.Aspen HYSYS Dynamics can be used to perform such studies.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a tool that can be used effectively in a variety of onshore and offshore petroleum industry application. Computational Fluid Dynamics allows performing three-dimensional (3D) simulations of fluids that include effects of pressure, temperature and liquid/gas mass transfer in detail. iFluids has carried out CFD to provide qualitative evaluation of equipment performance issues such as erosion, clogging, hydrate formation, etc.

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  • Flow Assurance

    Flow assurance refers to the successful fluid flow transfer. Flow assurance has become a norm in the oil and gas industry in the past two decades.Flow Assurance is applied during allstages of system selection, detailed design, surveillance, troubleshooting operation problems, increased recovery in late life etc., to the petroleum flow path (well tubing, subsea equipment, flow lines, initial processing and export lines). iFluids has carried out several flow assurance activities for several leading clients.

    Software such as ESI Pipeline studio (TLNET & TGNET) and Sunrise PIPENET are used for studying the flow transfer in single phase systems and for carrying out surge analysis and to study water hammering. These software can also be used to study maximum throughput through the system.

    Software such as Schlumberger PIPESIM is a steady state multiphase simulator used to study multiphase system. The studies involve slug tracking, hydrate mitigation, surge analysis, gas lift operations, gas gathering operation, well performance, etc.,

    Software such as OLGA is a dynamic multiphase flow simulator used to model well performance, slug tracking, hydrate mitigation, surge analysis, key operational procedures including start-up, shut-down, and pigging, transport of gas-condensate and single phase fluid.

  • Surge Analysis

    Surge analysis investigates the rapid changes in pressures and flows caused by transient operations of pumps and valves. If it is not properly addressed, can lead to cracked pump casings, pipe leakage, contamination and environmental damage. Surge analysis is a routine method used in the design of new pipelines when large volumes of liquid are being transferred or in shorter systems when the liquid is particularly hazardous. On new systems, iFluids Engineering can help clients choose pipe material, for example between polyethylene and carbon steel in water systems. Where there is evidence of existing problems, iFluids Engineering can develop models and use it to confirm causes and provide possible solutions.